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This page is about me so well, instead of giving the boring details about my schooling and college it'll be more about WHO IS SIDHARTH JINDAL?

Let’s just start off with I'm a sports fanatic who loves writing and "Wants to live life to its fullest." Pretty simple but still the most difficult thing in this world.

Love for Sports
Sports do not build character. They reveal it.
- Heywood Broun
If there is anything that I always have time for is sports. Be it football, cricket, basketball or even game of badminton, I'll never be busy. Although, if I have to choose one game that I love to play, it'll have to be football. Now you pretty much get the point why I love writing about the game. It's because I Love It. One simple thing, "Do what you Love and Love what you Do."😎

Love for Travelling
The traveler sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see.
 - Gilbert K. Chesterton
I Love to travel, be it going on a hike or a trip with friends or family or be it exploring new places. Trying some new cuisines, delicate ecstasies, fancy restaurants, road side eating joints (Dhabhas) and best of the lot, amazing street food, I yearn for these amazing things.

Love for Gaming
Some people say video games rot your brain, but I think they work different muscles that maybe you don't normally use.
 - Ezra Koenig
FIFA, that's the first thing which comes to my mind whenever anyone comes up to me and says, "Do you like gaming?" I'm a hardcore gamer with an extensive inclination towards FIFA. Well of course, it was the very first game I played. Alright not the first, after all I come from the generation of RoadRash, Doom, Midtown Madness.
PS: Anyone wants to play let me know. 😉

That's pretty much everything in a laconic way. Maybe, not that laconic but that's who I am folk. And I almost forgot this, I have a passion for writing so do read my articles if you find them good enough.
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